OAP Constitutional Amendment Proposals

OAP Constitutional Amendment Proposals

Our American Party will propose Constitutional Amendments that achieve 10 Goals:
1. Make Universal Health Care A Human Right For All Americans.

2. Make Education Investment A Human Right For All Americans.

3. Make Affordable Housing A Human Right For All Americans.

4. Make Equality A Human Right For All Americans.

5. Create Terms Limits For All Elected Federal, State, County and City Politicians.

6. Reparations and Justice for Black African American Descendants of US Enslavement.

7. Reduce and Eliminate US Poverty for All Americans.

8. Eliminate All Taxes For Seniors over 70 years old.

9. Require Congress Pass No Law that they don’t follow.

10. Require data be captured on all local, county, state and federal laws and be evaluated annually for their positive and negative impact on specific minority and majority groups and ruled unconstitutional if any group positively benfits or is negatively impacted disperpotionately to their population.

11. Grant Statehood to Washington D.C. and Pureto Rico with equal Congressional respresentation.

12. Grant the Right To Vote to 16 year olds who work more than six months.

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