Our American Party (OAP) 2020 Potential Presidential Candidates

1. Howard Schultz – Retired Starbucks Founder & Chairman         (Run Howard Run!)

Our American Party (OAP) 2020 Potential Presidential Candidate

Who should be nominated by Our American Party (OAP) http://www.OurAmericanParty.org to be our 2020 Presidential Candidates?

Here are several names that Our American Party(OAP) will consider for 2020 Presidential Candidates:
2. George Clooney – Billionaire Entertainer & Businessman
3. Dwayne “Rock Johnson – Millionaire Entertainer
4. Jesse Venture – Former Minnesota Governor & Entertainer        5. Oprah Winfrey- Billionaire Entertainer & Businesswoman

Americans are not happy with politicians, so we turned to President Trump. Now many Americans and unhappy with President Trump scandals and behavior. Our American Party seeks to amend the US Constitution to make Healthcare, Housing, Education, Equality and Term Limits a US Constitutional Right for All Americans.

OAP Presidential Candidate will be selected by All Americans on our Website in an Open and Transparent Way. Must be 18 years old and an American Citizen.

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